4 health issues to look out for while working from home

Are you also noticing that you feel more stressed during the day than normal? Read on to learn more

When the pandemic first blew up and rendered us stuck at home, many of us rejoiced at the idea of working from home – it meant no added stress, no travelling, and no more nerve-wracking mornings. The scenario is starkly different six months on, however.

Are you also noticing that you feel more stressed during the day than normal? Feeling more isolated as time goes on? Not to mention, being increasingly lazy and lethargic? Yes, we all seem to be developing some previously uncharted health issues, and that’s all thanks to the monotonous ‘work from home’ routine.

We’ve listed down some common health problems from Pinkvilla that you might face when working from home and how to overcome them. Read on to learn!

Weight gain

Long work hours without any substantial movement means we tend to spend the whole day in a bed, sofa, or chair. That, coupled with virtually no exercise and unhealthy dietary habits (hello, we’re in a pandemic!) means that you are more prone to packing on some extra weight.

Make sure you eat healthy food and stay away from easy meals. Try to also incorporate at least five hours of exercise in your week and get seven to eight hours of sleep a day.

Back strain

This one is perhaps one of the most widely complained about health problems during the lockdown after the virus itself. Not everyone has chairs with adequate back support lying around the house which means hours of imbalanced postures. This can lead to overly used and tight muscles of the neck, shoulders, and arms.

Make sure you sit in the correct position with your elbows at roughly 90 degrees when working on your computer. Don’t forget to also do some stretching every hour to avoid stiffness.


Staring at a screen at all hours of the day without a break – we’re home and constantly on our laptops or phones – can seriously disrupt your sleeping patterns. This can eventually build up to a more serious issue and develop into insomnia.

Awards yourself some no-screen time and make it a point to keep all your gadgets away at least two hours before you sleep. This helps your body go into sleep mode and aids in better sleep.


Yes, as much as you may have thought that this would be the last thing you have to worry about while working from home, burnout is still very real. In fact, more so, because many find it difficult to stick to a set schedule.

To avoid this, make sure to set clear boundaries and do not work beyond your work hours no matter how hectic the situation may seem.

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