6 things you to avoid adding to your coffee

Let’s be honest, coffee is what helps many of us along through the day as we chug through corporate slavery on the daily. A cup of steaming coffee in the morning, or a refreshing tall glass of iced coffee in the evening is just the right kick for us to get going, and while coffee can be good for health in some ways, many of us tend to make some additions that may ruin it for you in the long run.

From artificial creamers to syrups, here are six things, as compiled from Pinkvilla, to generally avoid consuming with your coffee on a daily to avoid health risks. Psst… once in a while never hurt anybody though!


  1. Shelf-stable creamers

These may be good as restaurant staples but should stay out of your kitchen. Chock-full of preservatives like sodium phosphate, these can increase the risk of developing heart problems and nobody wants that out of their coffee, right? Chuck them.

  1. Flavoured creamers

These are also packed with excessive sugar and additives that can lead to increased cholesterol and also damage your digestive system! You’re better off using normal milk in your morning coffee… or any coffee!

  1. Cane sugar

While there really isn’t any direct health risk involved with using cane sugar, we consider its excessive usage a health risk itself! This is because an excess of everything is bad, especially sugar and with cane sugar people tend to add more. This essentially ends up meaning more sugar, which increases the risk of diabetes, obesity and ultimately heart problems.

  1. Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners have always been a no-go zone. You wonder why? Well, they’re high calories central and also leave you addicted to them! Which means you will be left using more and more each time.

  1. Flavoured syrup

Flavoured syrup may just be one of the biggest nutritional scams – they do nothing but add flavour, literally! All they do, though, is increase your blood sugar level over time. The call is yours.

  1. Condensed milk

We know, we’ve all loved condensed milk at some point in our lives, but let’s get this straight, it is one of the unhealthiest milk options out there! Loaded with added sugar, it just spells bad health risks all over, so you’re better off using normal milk.

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