Six exercises to aid hair growth and health

Living amid the hustle and bustle of a big city may be charming from afar, but it brings with it more problems than one can count. Pollution, dust, and added stress mean we struggle with the most basic stuff, even our hair!

All these factors contribute to hair fall, dandruff, split-ends, and generally unhealthy-looking hair – something none of us desire. In our quest to save and manage our hair, we landed upon an interesting fact; working out doesn’t only help your body, it can help your hair too.

As compiled from Pinkvilla, here are some exercises you can incorporate in your daily workout routine to maintain a luscious mane!

Scalp massage

We all know this trick since we were little. A good champi courtesy of your grandma or mom made sure your hair looked great. That is because a scalp massage can aid in blood circulation which is key for healthy hair growth. Try and massage your scalp twice every month!

Neck exercises

Exercising your neck muscles is also a great way to help your hair grow out. Simple movements of your head like front-to-back and side-to-side are the way to go for this trick to work.

Breathing exercises

An important part of Indian yoga, the breathing exercise Kapalabhati Pranayama, literally meaning ‘skull-shining’, can also aid hair growth. Not only that, but it is also known for preventing hair loss and premature greying.

Ayurvedic head massage

Popular in India and surrounding regions, Ayurveda has countless benefits. This form of head massage is also extremely popular in South Asia and involves the rhythmic movements on acupressure points to relieve a number of head issues like headaches, baldness, greying of hair, stress, etc.

Head inversion

Inverted poses can also help with making hair more lustrous because it promotes blood flow to the head. You may want to get a head massage to stimulate hair follicles before hanging upside down for some minutes to increase the blood flow to the scalp!


Yes, cardio exercises can also stimulate hair growth, and the secret is simple. They stimulate blood flow around the body and the head, which aids in getting thicker, longer hair! Not just that, but sweat can actually push out dead cells and help regenerate a new one, meaning new hair!

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