Best motorcycle attorney

Best motorcycle attorney

The vehicle to hit you and your family with is not a car or truck, but it could be. A simple road accident injury can turn into life-altering and even death, depending on the severity of injuries and the speed at which your bike damaged. This is where having an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer like WCM Insurance Lawyer has proven crucial for our clients. With over 20 years of experience helping people get through complex motor vehicle accidents and personal injury disputes, we have been able to handle all types of cases from minor fender benders and tire blowouts to crashes that involve auto collisions and fatal injuries. We are known across Michigan as the only law firm in Michigan able to successfully represent the best motorcycle attorneys in the nation – without compromising your legal rights. Call us today to speak with one of our highly trained motorcycle crash lawyers on your behalf. Your legal case is unique. Let’s figure out what kind of damage your bike caused to you. Do you want someone to prove you were not responsible? Our skilled motorcycle accident lawyers can work with you through making claims and negotiating the insurance claim to help you hold onto ownership of your bike and receive compensation that exceeds your damages. Here are some examples of why we handle these kinds of situations.

Road Accidents

We understand how difficult it is to deal with this type of traumatic event. It is no secret that riding motorcycles is dangerous for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists alike, especially if they don’t pay enough attention. When dealing with multiple drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, it is very easy to lose sight of the other vehicles or pedestrians crossing the road or sidewalk. That being said, there are a few things you need to remember about driving on the road: Always keep your eyes on the road and never let your motorcycle behind any parked cars or trucks. Also, never drive while distracted by any sound, movement or visual stimulus. For more information about motorcycles and safety, view our article here and learn more about the top ten causes of traffic fatalities here.

Our team of experts understands that when individuals choose private automobile collision claims over lawsuit settlements at first, their defenses can become very complicated, leading to unnecessary delays and increased stress. Because our knowledgeable team understands exactly how challenging it can be when filing lawsuits against others for negligence, we make sure every client receives assistance, advocacy and support throughout the entire process of getting an effective settlement in place. You can explore numerous ways to overcome challenges in court such as hiring outside professionals and working hard to gather evidence and witness statements, along with pursuing free consultations from certified accident reconstruction specialists who will walk you through the most important aspects of the matter. If you have sustained severe injuries and you wish to seek a full-service treatment plan, we encourage you to book any needed appointments immediately and give you ample time to coordinate with doctors, therapists, rehabilitation providers and medical experts. We help you find funding, transportation, lodging, equipment and essential necessities to provide care throughout your recovery. Contact us today today to inquire about our services.

Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Our motorcycle accident attorneys are aware of how much money could be lost due to a serious injury suffered during a single motorcycle accident. Many people suffering permanent impairment or permanent damage, including spinal cord injury, brain damage, paralysis, blindness and loss of limbs can recover the cost associated with such a serious accident. This can include significant financial losses, including the repair of property and valuable items, plus pain and rehabilitation costs. To make sure you obtain the maximum amount of benefits possible, our motorcycle accident attorneys work diligently to advocate for you before and after the crash has occurred to ensure you receive full compensation for medical bills, lost wages, damages to your vehicle and any other expenses directly arising from your accident. Our professional team will evaluate your case and carefully determine the best course of action based on what evidence has already been gathered and proven to exist in the record. They have extensive knowledge relating to personal injury litigation laws and expert testimony regarding the cause and severity of your injuries at both trial and in your individual medical treatment.

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